Why would Thorascopic services be needed?

Thorascopic surgery is reserved for diagnosis of respiratory disease in order to accurately diagnose and evaluate comprehensive treatment. Dr Scott provides patients suffering from a range of symptoms related to the lungs diagnostic procedures to fully investigate their cause.

What kinds of Thorascopic services does Dr Scott perform?

In order to accurately diagnose his patients, he performs the following diagnostic procedures when necessary:

  • A pleural effusion drainage – this diagnostic procedure is done to remove the fluid from the space between your lungs and chest cavity. Under general anaesthesia, using a needle or a small tube fitted with a camera which is inserted through the chest cavity, the fluid is removed.
  • Thoracoscopic lung biopsies – this procedure involves a thin tube with a camera, called a thoracoscope, to be used in order to inspect the lungs and take a sample of tissue from the lungs to test. This may be done to test for abnormalities in the lung tissue to more accurately diagnose a respiratory or cardiothoracic disease.